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Alternative Asset Management

Alternative Asset Management

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BarclayHedge Performance awards above reference our previous ACMP strategy which is now closed. ACMP II is our latest generation of high performance trading strategies.

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Established in January 2004 as an independent corporate financial advisory business and specialist fx investment management company, we have specialised in absolute return strategies using leading edge systematic automated trading systems coupled with disciplined asset management techniques focusing on strong risk control.

We have spent over 12 years designing, developing and testing various hybrid trading structures employing totally unique and powerful algorithms, some of which employ equally impressive and no less important top down neural networks studies which combine to produce high alpha trading programs that we use for profit.  Our Alternative Currency Management Program ("ACMP II") strategy delivers an unbroken track record of profits since launch (37 months with no draw downs), designed and sub-managed by our strategic partners, Mediatrix Capital Inc.

Our corporate advisory projects include:

Risk assessment is rigorous and key to our investment management style.

The Company's core objectives are to produce absolute returns for investors that seek wealth creation; however we have also used our expertise and innovation and expertise to provide capital protection for those who increasingly seek and often demand wealth preservation in today's (still) fragile financial climate.

Our philosophy is to use only the 'best of breed' within the investment management business for research, design and development of our product range, available within bespoke fund structures and 'managed accounts' - all with the same top-down management process and strong focus on risk control. Our objective is to deliver absolute returns within a carefully risk assessed and controlled environment, managed by our carefully chosen and expert team of dedicated professionals. 

Our current product range includes:

A2ML's core strengths within the majority of its business activities come from its ability to 'partner' with industry leading edge developers and innovators plus the use of core service providers of only those teams, such as Mediatrix Capital Inc., with exceptional abilities within distinct areas of speciality.

The Company is owned by senior management that has achieved exceptional success through careers in the financial markets.

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